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Seed Packets

We currently offer four wildflower seed mix packets; Song Bird, Butterfly / Hummingbird, Woodland Edge and Rain Garden. Each packet is designed to cover 250 square feet. These garden areas are fun and easy to create. The critters will love them and show up when flowers begin to bloom in the spring. Different species will continue to bloom over the entire season ending with the late fall snows. Seed from the plants can be left to feed birds or drop to the ground, or collected and used to enlarge or start a new garden. These small gardens are great for schools or any place where children (of any age) can learn and enjoy nature. 

To make a native garden, it is best to begin by lightly tilling the soil to a depth of 3 or 4 inches. Next, cover the prepared area with 6 to 8 layers of newspaper. It may be helpful to wet the paper as you put it down to hold it in place and keep the wind from blowing it away. Cover the newspaper with around three inches of a double ground, undyed, aged hardwood mulch. This material is readily available bagged or in bulk from local suppliers. Mulch works great because there are no seeds in it to compete with what you've sown.

Open your packet and place contents on a clean dry surface like a table top or newspaper. Visually divide the seed into two equal parts. Distribute one part over the garden area in one direction and the other part in a direction ninety degrees to the first. If you wish to blend the seed with sand as a carrier you may use the following guidelines. Divide the seed into two equal parts. Combine each part with an approximately equal volume of sand, and mix thoroughly. Distribute as described previously. After the seed is sown, lightly cover it with 1/8 to 1/4 inch (no more) of mulch.

You may sow using this method from late fall through late spring. Winter seeding is fine, even over a light snow cover. We generally let Mother Nature do the watering. We have used this method countless times successfully. Have FUN!

If you have any questions about the seed packets offered please feel free to contact us.

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