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Monarch Cafe Garden


Monarch butterflies are continuing to face pressure from habitat loss and changing weather patterns. It has been found that even a small garden can go a long way to helping their plight. Our "Monarch Cafe Garden" addresses their needs for larval food for caterpillars and nectering source for the adults. The Monarch females only lay eggs only on Milkweed (Asclepias) species. The eggs hatch in 3 to 5 days typically and the Hungry Caterpillars get started. Over the next 15 or so days, the caterpillars grow at a rapid rate and then spin a Chrysalis. The Chrysalis hangs for about 12 days, slowly changing from a light green to the orange color of the soon to emerge butterfly's wings. When the butterflies emerge, the wings are small and shriveled. They extend and dry in a day, at which time the "New Monarch" is off into the world. "Your Monarch Cafe Garden" contains three types of milkweed plants for egg laying and the larva, plus other native wildflower species for nectering and attracting other beneficial pollinators. Great for teaching young minds about life cycles.

For more information on this garden kit, and a species list, please follow the link:

Monarch Cafe Garden

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