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Kent State University - Ohio Prairie Nursery was called in to consult on a planting project in late 2002. Some native species were on the site from an earlier planting, but the density was very low. We recommended that the site be over seeded and began work on the ground in June of 2003. The site was mowed as an early maintenance tool to minimize competition from non native annuals on the site. Mowing also allows light to reach the prairie seedlings, which is necessary for more consistent establishment. We needed to favor the native prairie species over the non native and invasive species. Since prairie grasslands are fire tolerant ecosystems we used prescribed burning as a management tool to accomplish this. Grass is the main fuel for fires and by 2006 the grass density was sufficient for a really good burn. By the fall of 2006, 3 years since overseeding, the site was well established. It will continue to evolve and improve over time. Ohio Prairie Nursery is still involved as a consultant and with ongoing land management.

Kent State Planting Install Mowing at Kent State September 2005 Prairie prescribed Burn at Kent State Prairie grassland September 2006
September 2005
Prescribed Burn
Fall 2006


Blossom Music Center - Ohio Prairie Nursery was called upon to prepare four different seed mixes and install them at Blossom Music Center. The sites were prepared as if lawns were being seeded and we used our Truax seed drill to place the seed in the soil. This was done in June of 2003. The seed and installation performed extremely well as can be seen from this photo taken in July of 2005, only 25 months after seeding.

Prior to Seeding Blossom Music Center July 2005
Prior to Seeding June 2003
July 2005


Lyndhurst City Park - Ohio Prairie Nursery consulted with and installed a one acre native meadow for the City of Lyndhurst in 2007. The seed mix selected included some annual species to provide first year color for city residents who used the walking path which ran through the meadow. The site was prepared in late 2006 and frost seeded in January of 2007. Even in a drought year with no irrigation, the Ohio Prairie Nursery meadow seed mix was a big hit. The area added beauty to the park, minimized maintenance on the area and generated lots of enthusiasm.


Existing lawn removed - Sept 2006
August 2007
October 2007


Hamilton County Park System - Ohio Prairie Nursery designed and planted a custom floodplain seed mix for an 83 acre floodplain of the Whitewater River in May of 2007. The picture below shows the area 13 months after seeding. Photo provided by Jim Mundy, Hamilton County Park System.


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