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Rain Gardens

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Rain Gardens Ohio Prairie Nursery offers two Rain Garden plant kits for homeowners who want to do their part in helping to control stormwater runoff.  These plant kits contain a mix of native wildflowers and sedges. Controlling stormwater runoff from roofs and other impervious surfaces around most homes is a major component of our national and regional water pollution control efforts. The addition of these stormwater control features on your existing or new home site will help keep your local watershed free of particulate pollution and excessive flow rates which cause erosion and degrade habitat downstream. In some cases they will qualify you for a reduction in your stormwater assessment taxes. For more information on this garden kit, and a species list, please follow the link or access it through our product offering side bar under native plant gardens.

For more information on these garden kits, and a species list, please follow the link:

Product Links -- Rain Garden for Shade or Rain Garden for Sun

Rain Garden Links

North Eastern Ohio Rain Garden Manual (Ohio Prairie Nursery was a contributing editor to this educational document.  Our responsibilities included plant list, photos, text & editing)

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