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Ohio Prairie Nursery Has the Homeowner in Mind!

Over time Ohio Prairie Nursery has developed processes that allow us to maximize results on the projects we are involved with. The descriptions below outline the services we provide to support your project and ensure that your expectations are met.

Bob or Dave will be happy to meet with you on your property and walk with you and listen while you tell them your vision. Then they will help you match it to your site and budget to help you make it a reality.

Botanical Survey
One of our experts in plant identification will carefully walk your site and make a survey of your project area and write a report of their findings. This is very useful in planning your planting and post planting maintenance activities.

Site Evaluation / Planning
We usually start with a phone call from you, we listen to you and ask pertinent questions to make sure we have a good under
standing of your objectives. If requested, we will come to your yard and evaluate things like slope, soil, drainage, shade and other physical characteristics that will affect how your objectives match up with your site. From this we can craft a plan that will take you from your current landscape, to the sustainable native landscape that you desire.

Site Preparation
The most successful native seed plantings are the result of careful site preparation, as it is a critical step in a successful native seeding. Ohio Prairie Nursery has trained personnel that understand the processes and timings involved in removing the existing vegetation, depleting the existing weed seedbank, and giving your native seed the best chance of establishing. We can also gu
joemay-web.jpgide you if you choose to DIY.

Ohio Prairie Nursery has installed hundreds of acres of native seed since we opened our doors in 1998. We provide seeding services that assure your native seed is applied properly. We use hand seeding or mechanical means, depending on the size of the project, to make sure proper application rates, uniform coverage and good seed to soil contact are achieved.

Eco Management
After your prairie or native wildflower area is planted, it will need special attention during the establishment phase, usually the first year depending on when it is planted. This is hands on maintenance aimed at keeping undesirable or invasive species from emerging and/or impeding the ability of the native material to establish. It can include mowing, appropriate use of herbicides, pulling or cutting undesirable and or invasive species and removing them from the site.
As your prairie matures, management activities shift but the objectives remain the same; put pressure on the undesirables and support the native species. Ohio Prairie Nursery has trained and licensed personnel ready to do this work.

Ohio Prairie Nursery experts can come to your forum and educate your group on the value of native plantings and ecosystems. We have presented to many different groups including, garden clubs, schools, SWCD’s and colleges, to name a few.  Please call to discuss your event and identify any associated fees.

For your commercial project please click on the link for a PDF of our services. For commercial consultation please give us a call or email.

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