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Ohio Prairie Nursery has been delivering high quality native wildflower and grass seed to its customers since 1998. We offer standard and custom seed mixes along with seed of individual wildflower and grass species.  We also provide native plant material for restoration and stormwater control projects.

As landscapes transition to more sustainable models, native species are an increasingly important component. Native species have adapted to environmental conditions over thousands of years and when properly selected can flourish and reproduce without any outside resource inputs like water, fertilizers or pesticides. The natural rainfall and soil nutrients are all that is necessary to support these durable and beneficial native species that include wildflowers and grasses. This not only provides environmental benefits from a resource conservation standpoint but also an economic benefit through the removal of the associated input costs.

The natural cycles on the earth begin with and depend on native vegetation. Plants form the first trophic level and are the only living organisms capable of converting sunlight into the useable energy on which almost all other life forms depend. Native species feed the native herbivores, the most efficient of which are insects. Native insects pollinate flowers and supply the base food for numerous bird, reptile and amphibian species. The more we can help support the natural cycles through the reintroduction of native ecosystems, the better.

Ohio Prairie Nursery operates an online store. We accept Discover, MasterCard and Visa, purchase orders with pre-approved credit, along with company and personal checks. We accept orders online, via mail, email or by phone. Orders are shipped via mail, UPS, or by truck. We can arrange for customer pickups of pre-ordered products by appointment only. We look forward to serving you. 

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